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You will begin to have real peace of mind, joy, fulfillment, and power to succeed. We all have a form of wealth - Purpose of Wealth is the discovery of how to use my assets to fulfill my destiny and to be the solution to a need or the salvation of a soul, community or a nation. In the case of this article 9 people, some anonymous, came together to create this article and improve it over time. Determine your unique TRAP.

Each one of us is given gifts and talents.

What is my purpose? |

Some may have more talents than others but we all have at least one. We also each have resources, abilities, and passions. Take a blank sheet of paper and fold it vertically in the center and then horizontally in the center. This should give you four quadrants. Discover and inventory your talents Make a list of your talents: A talent is something that you can do with great skill but did not have to study or train to obtain. A gift to play an instrument but never have taken one music lesson.

A gift to speak in public without any fear or apprehension. Paint great works of art without any training or mentoring. These are truly amazing to most of us. We would say that you have a talent.

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Calculate your resources Make a list of ALL of your resources: We all have resources. A resource is anything that you have access to; such as your home, car, cash, bank, cell phone, office, job, clothing, food, storage, garage, extra bedroom, collection, computer, Internet, friends, family, and associates.

All and more of these can be used in fulfilling your purpose. If used properly they can make you rich as well. If you sat down and made a list of all your resources you would be amazed. Begin looking at everything that you have access to as a resource. It will change your life. We have access to both private and public resources.

10 misconceptions about your mission on earth

Public resources are libraries, roads, public education centers, and government. In many countries there just is no excuse for not actualizing purpose. Our private and public resources are vast. Decide all your abilities Make a list of your abilities: Abilities are things that you must learn to do. Can you use a computer? Then you can write a novel or screenplay. Someone had to teach you or at least let you use her car to learn.

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  8. Then is there a national catering franchise waiting to be born? Someone within your Resource List of resources does; even if that someone is the librarian who shows you where the book is located on the shelf. Discover your passions Decide what gives you the most joy and fulfillment. Is it helping the elderly or teaching a child to learn? Is it music, art or sports?


    Is it reading, writing, or meditating? Is it negotiating the deal? Everybody has a specific mission. Everybody is worthy and has the ability of finding his or her life mission. The desire of your soul to fully participate in the world will attract the right circumstances for you and allow your mission to present itself. Moreover, you are already perfectly equipped with the talents needed to fulfill your mission.


    All that is needed is your awareness. All that is needed is for you to un-cover them, that means, take them off the shelf and into the center of your life. You can fulfill your mission by imitating somebody else. A mission is like a suit in the big wardrobe of life. There is exactly one suit that fits you like a second skin, tailor-made for you only. If you try on the suit made for another, you are making two mistakes.

    First, your own suit remains in the closet, unused. Second, you have taken the suit of another and are thus taking the wrong place in the switchboard of life. One has heard many times to be of service to others, help your neighbor and be ready to reach out to those in need.

    Keys To Discovering Your Life’s Purpose - Myles Munroe

    But instead forgetting about the self and helping any random person who crosses your path, it is better to remember your mission and find out where, when and who it is you need to help. This kind of help will be all the more efficient and at the same time gives you much more satisfaction.

    Helping the forgetful way is only going to give you loads of frustration. Fatigue and exhaustion is the only result of only helping others while not taking the time to recharge your own batteries. Finding your mission in life and living accordingly is neither egotistical nor arrogant. It is your first responsibility. Living the implementation of your mission radiates enormous amounts of enthusiasm into your environment. This is a significant contribution to the well-being of all lives you touch. You can discover your life mission by intellectual analysis.

    To be one of those who succeed, understand both the science of achievement and the art of fulfillment create the road to happiness and a life of purpose. Compliance is not a life that is fulfilled. Compliance is not for people who want to discover their purpose. Instead, true fulfillment comes from designing your own life. A decision made from fear is always the wrong decision, always. By entering your information on the Tony Robbins website, you agree that we may collect and use your personal information for marketing, and for other purposes, as set forth in our Privacy Policy, which we encourage you to review.

    What can we help you find? How Date With Destiny will help you find your purpose in life Posted by: Team Tony How can you find your purpose in life? Is this all there is?